Parish Allotments

Dear Parishioners,

The Constable has agreed to lease a number of allotments for use by Parishioners who may benefit from them. In particular, he would like to make these available to youngsters and/ or seniors’ citizens who might not ordinarily be able to take advantage of this resource on their own.

We are now looking for donations of tools, low level fencing, plants/seeds and hopefully a couple of small sheds. If you have anything that may be of use to this programme it would be greatly appreciated.

If there is anyone (or more than one person) out there who has valuable knowledge of managing allotments who would care to offer their stewardship for this initiative, we would only be too happy to have you onboard. Your knowledge and experience would be a great asset to help others learn and make a productive outdoor environment for our parishioners.

Please contact the Parish Hall on 01534 854724 or [email protected].