Community Support TeamÊtchipe dé Souôtchein d’la C’meunauté


Whilst the old Parish-based Welfare system had served the island well for many years, it had some drawbacks and in January 2008 was replaced by the centrally administered Income Support System. However, it has left a large number of islanders without the valuable moral support previously provided at Parish level and the Constable and his staff lost touch with many of the people they had been helping before the change

In 2009, the St. Clement Community Support Team was formed with the aim of restoring the link between the Constable and his parishioners, by offering assistance to fellow parishioners enabling them to continue living independently in the community.

The Constable readily found some 20 parishioners who were prepared to give up some time to this cause; these are mainly retired people, men and women, from various walks of life but with a wide spectrum of skills and experience.  This team has now grown to 46 helpers.

Anne Dupre our very committed Chairperson recently passed away in October and we will announce the name of the new Chairperson in January 2022.

Julie Martin, who had been the parish welfare officer for many years remained on staff after the switch to IS and was ideally placed to become the Co-ordinator for the scheme.

Define the Aims of the CST

  • Helping parishioners to maintain independence in the community
  • Grocery shopping
  • Collection of prescriptions
  • Liaising with Agencies ie, Citizens Advice Bureau, & Social Security
  • Accessing Community facilities
  • Transporting to the General Hospital
  • Transporting families to Hospice
  • Taking to Chiropody, Dentists & Doctors’ appointments
  • Just to be a listening ear
  • Minor DIY tasks in the home (e.g., changing a light bulb)
  • Liaise and foster useful links with the following organisations


  • To respond to requests for assistance within a few days of referral
  • To meet (quarterly) with the full team to determine policy, review cases and plan community activities
  • To invite guest speakers from other voluntary/charitable organisations to make presentations at our quarterly meetings..
  • To elicit feedback from parishioners so we may modify or improve the service we provide.


  • Require DBS checks
  • Carry Parish of St. Clement ID cards
  • May attend First Aid and Manual Handling courses
  • Follow a code of practice i.e., no cold calling, consult with family if appropriate, always visit with a ‘buddy’ if risk of personal injury, abuse or potential allegation and/or litigation.


Self-referrals or referrals by family, friends or neighbours preferred, and indeed are the most numerous. We also receive requests from G. P’s, Grace Trust, the Hospital, Hospice, O/T’s, Stroke Association and Variety.

We ask people to sign a form requesting our intervention.

Getting Started

Promoted the Community Support Team through media, and other care organisations

  • Jersey Evening Post
  • BBC Radio Jersey/Channel 103
  • Television
  • Acorn Industries
  • Adult Social Services
  • Adult safeguarding team
  • Age Concern
  • Ambulance Station
  • Andium
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Data Protection Team
  • Eastern Good Companions
  • Employment & Social Security
  • Eye Cam
  • Grace Trust
  • Honorary Police
  • Hospice
  • Jersey Carers Association
  • Le Rocquier School
  • McMillen
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Parish Magazine L’Amarrage
  • Rotary Club
  • Soroptimists
  • The Bridge
  • The Stroke Association


Strictly we do not handle money as we are not a registered charity. In practice we have received a number of bequests.

Any cash donations we receive is allocated into the Peter Barton Memorial fund to support deprived families who have no other recourse.  This has included sponsoring school children to participate in holiday activities, passport etc.

It is the ethos of the St Clément Support team to assist all parishioner’s no matter what their financial circumstance. 

Christmas Hampers

Some organisations and individuals make up Christmas hampers for needy families.  Our volunteers will deliver them.

We also assist Age Concern with the delivery of their Christmas hampers.

Computer & I Pad Assistance

The St Clement Community Support team also offer a service for those parishioners who are having difficulty with their computer, or I Pad. We have a volunteer who is willing to visit people in their own homes to assist with difficulties.


With the arrival of Covid-19, to comply with Government restrictions/advice many of our regular volunteers were unable to assist as they are over 65, some with pre-existing medical conditions. Nevertheless, some were still able to assist by keeping in regular telephone contact with those elderly or having to isolate.

We had to enlist new helpers and were delighted with the response. 20 volunteers came forward to assist. Some have been able to continue.

This meant shopping, books jigsaws and prescriptions could be delivered to parishioner’s homes.

Data Protection Forms

We ask all parishioners to sign a Data Protection form allowing us to keep only their name, address, telephone number and email address.

Also, all our CST volunteers are asked to sign a Data Protection form allowing us to keep their contact information.

The Grace Trust

We work with the Grace Trust in helping to pack and distribute food packages once a month to needy families in the Parish.

Each month a revised list of up to 30 St Clément recipients is emailed to The Grace Trust in order for them to have a hamper delivered.

Jersey Christmas Appeal

Each October parish halls receive the Jersey Christmas Appeal forms for countersigning. The CST will then interview all requests to see if appropriate as now all beneficiaries have to provide evidence of receiving I.S and show a bank statement.

Quarterly Meetings

The CST hold quarterly meetings at the parish hall, and this is usually started with a guest speaker such as someone from Hospice to inform us of their organisation and in turn we can explain what we are doing.

Le Rocquier and Samares Schools

We now provide volunteers who go to the schools and listen to, and help, with children’s’ reading.  Volunteers are required to undergo a separate DBS check before they can do this. This is yet another way of learning about, and helping, families facing difficulties.


The CST assist many parishioners with their shopping (especially during COVID) either by taking them or doing this for them.

Social Events & Coffee Mornings

The team organises and runs social events and monthly coffee mornings (Third Thursday of every month) mainly for our senior citizens in the Parish.

We also have a huge summer BBQ, Afternoon Teas and Bingo’s.

These events are well supported and creates the opportunity for team members to mix with and get to know our people.

Going Forward

Our late Connetable and Chairperson, Len Norman and Anne Dupre, were very keen that the CST should continue. They were, quite rightly, immensely proud of what our St Clement Community Support team have achieved.

Marcus Troy our new Connetable is also enormously keen for the St Clement Community Support team to continue and hopefully become stronger with the extra assistance being given to the original team along with the new volunteers.

Marcus says “it is a sad fact in our wealthy island that too many people need help with bills, transport and everyday essentials, thankfully our community support team is always here at hand for you can rely on”.

If you would like assistance please contact me at the Parish Hall on 01534 854724.

Julie Martin

Community Support Team Co-ordinator