Fields C102,C104&C105 and C125,C127 &C128

The sudden and unannounced inclusion of these fields for possible consideration as ‘ Plan B ‘ in the Draft Bridging Island Plan has not helped the governments aims to be more inclusive and transparent.


And so, not only have the Parish sent letters of objection regarding all of these fields but so have many of our Parishioners.

More objections have been raised over these fields than any other fields in the Island.

The situation has been fluid and complicated, we therefore gathered a team from within our current elected officers to gather information regarding, Infrastructure, Traffic flows and congestion, Schools occupancy, Drainage, Police reports and, crucially Ownership and Agricultural viability.

This has taken a while and I am grateful to our Procureurs and our Roads Committee and the Jersey Farmers Union and others for their help.

The facts are in.  These fields are all Agricultural. No Question and we will continue to fight for their retention in the Agricultural realm, in whatever form. It does not matter what they look like on top. We now know who is farming some currently, who was farming the unused ones and whether they can be farmed again. The answer is yes. They are all part of a bulk of land that, because of their most southerly aspect are some of the best farming land in the Island.

So, why no Parish Assembly? Because if we had an assembly earlier which I was at first prepared to do we would not have been up to date with the facts and, you would have simply asked me to fight against these fields being included. I am doing precisely that as promised, and, armed with much more information.

We will know in January whether the minister is minded to include them. If this is the case. That is when we assemble.

I am of course happy for individuals to contact me should they wish to know more, but, pleased be assured that I have been having regular meetings with residents of both Rue de Samares and Pontorson Lane who would be most affected and I have helped form a new Parishioners Group to work alongside the Parish in any future matters involving Environment, Housing and Infrastructure. Official announcement to follow.

Many thanks for your input and concerns.

Marcus Troy, Connétable